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During the process of restoring four Cisitalia 202s (one cabriolet and three coupes) custom patterns, jigs and templates have been made to make exact duplicates of the following items. These are extremely high quality reproductions that are indistinguishable from original and have been used at Pebble Beach with great success. All prices are in US dollars. We also can occasionally obtain Type 102 engine parts, transmissions, etc. Please inquire at, or fax us at 503-628-5433.




Exhaust pipe, Front piece only. Inquire T
Exhaust pipe, Rear piece only. Inquire  
Savonuzzi style silencer (muffler). Inquire  
Three pipe exhaust header. Inquire  
Exhaust collector/resonator. Photo shows original and reproduction piece with test fixture used to pressure test the final product. Note: The small flange is welded after installation in the car to assure proper alignment. Inquire
Complete salvo oil line kit for oil tank, cooler and sump. Inquire  
Fuel lines including cadmium plated fittings Inquire  
Horn ring that mounts on steering column to make electrical connnection to a spring loaded arm (not included).


Detachable steering wheel with cork rim as used on late D46, 202 Corsa Coupes and 202 CMM Streamliners. Includes all quick release hardware and splined column head. One in stock. SOLD
Original dry sump. Repaired, but usable. $1200  
Carburetor Linkage for dual carb MM cylinder head. $2000  







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